Moon is still waning in Pisces so you may feel like you could sleep for a 100 years! Pisces moon takes us deep into the dreamtime to view our life lessons from the awareness of the inner mystic.

So this is the time to pay attention to your dreams – not as flights of fancy or mere curiosities but as important teachings from your Soul.

If a dream message is unclear – draw the symbols or images you remember. Contemplate the dream from every aspect as each is a part of your psyche with important info to impart – even what we perceive as ‘inanimate’ objects.

Everything in existence has a consciousness, a frequency we can attune to to gain deeper understanding of the world through their eyes. This is an understanding we have as children, filled with the wonder of life which is lost as the rational ego dominates our perceptions.

The loss of this wonder causes deep soul sickness, so a Pisces lunar transit is a wonderful window to reclaim that lost sense of wonder.

To do that, contemplate the universe from a place of absolute innocence. Lose yourself in a small patch of grass & the world within it. Talk to the stars or to the Divine wisdom being offered moment to moment in the patterns of the clouds.

Those who lose this connection often try & find it through substances which create a dependency if it’s our only way to feel part of something beyond the limits of the rational mind.

Madness occurs when we deny the inner realms which breathe life into our outer reality – it is the strangling of the soul by the overactive mind which can’t comprehend the infinite.

Luna is sextile is to Venus today, we will find those loving connections and caring attributes we need for others and ourselves. 

Also, Luna is in conjunction to Neptune which is perfect in assisting us for tuning in to our inner and outer realms & our dreamy visions for deeper understanding. 

Blessings on your day,