Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon Into Pisces 


Moon is currently void as she moves through the last degrees of Aquarius. So be gentle with yourself as we move as one, towards Pisces, where we will arrive at 11.24 am Melbourne, Australia time, Wednesday, May 15th.


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So today may have a dreamy quality, making this a great day for meditation, journaling, channelling, creative expression, consulting oracles but not a day to demand answers, compute data or strategise your plans.


This is a day to embrace your feminine. So if at all possible, give yourself permission to be soft, to relax your expectations and allow yourself to flow with whatever presents, trusting that it is perfect.


If this is a challenge do something to loosen up physically, which helps us relax rigid thinking – such as yoga or water therapy.


Alternatively, lie quietly with your eyes closed & imagine warm oil being gently poured on your third eye & running down the back of your head, melting away any stresses. This is an ancient Ayervedic technique, we can reap the benefits from by using the power of our mind’s eye.



As we approach Pisces our sensitivities will increase, so the more relaxed we are – the more we can notice the subtle thoughts, feelings, fleeting visions and perceptions being offered to guide us on an illuminated path of highest wisdom.



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Blessings on your day,