Today’s Luna Guidance For Moon in Pisces 


Moon is waning in the constellation of Pisces so this heightens our feelings of empathy for the suffering of others.



This is because Pisces is the final lesson in our journey around the astrological mandala. It follows Aquarius, when we remember we are all the one consciousness. We then see ourselves reflected in the other and feel their pain as if it were our own. 



It is this depth of emotional understanding, compassion and maturity that makes Pisces the wisest of signs. Through this merging, we awaken our psychic gifts as we perceive others through the higher heart rather than from our lower self which looks for what we can get rather than how we can serve.



So as Luna moves through this sign of the wise mystic, we are each invited to awaken to our highest destiny & become the world saviour – dedicating our lives to serve the One in all. 



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Blessings to your day,