Moon is still in Sagittarius & we’re past last quarter moon so you may feel like you want to go sit on a rock far from the madding crowd rather than plan close communion with loved ones.

This is not a sign mental illness is setting in – just that the emotional lunar tide is waning & Luna is now moving through the sign of the medicine woman, who takes herself on retreat to tend to her need for healing. (The same way animals find somewhere private to lick their wounds.)

If we don’t get this space, we can turn on those around us like a rabid dog. So do whatever it takes to create some headspace if you feel like booking a one way ticket to Alaska.

For when Luna moves through Sag we need to take extra care to not say things without thinking that can hurt others feelings. So if you can’t say anything nice, best to not say anything at all – at least until Luna moves out of Sag.

Choose your words wisely & your day will be blessed,


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