Moon is now in Sagittarius. A lunar transit through Sag can have us feeling restless, like we need to cover ground, get on with things, have an adventure away from the mundane or just get out of the house. (Think of the half man / half horse centaur that is the symbol for this sign.

Waxing Sagittarius half moon is good time to prepare and plan, especially that adventure you are longing for today.

Sag evokes the archetypal energy of Artemis, the lone wolf amazon and Chiron, the spiritual teacher whose shared challenge is to embrace their vulnerability. These are the aspects that govern our throat chakra, so if you have been suppressing your emotions you may find your body expresses them for you over the next two day.

Note: despite being a day ahead of some of you, the post is relevant for everyone simultaneously as the moon sign and phase affects us all, regardless of time zones.