Moon is still waning in Sagittarius so you may need to take extra care as you move from one place to another today as the centaur can see us galloping off with our legs before the rest of us has a chance to catch up which can result in being accident prone – regardless of your sun sign.

Sag helps to lighten the vibe after the previous days journeying into our shadow self to become more self-aware during Scorpio & Ophichus.

Sag helps us bring the perspective of higher learning to our human challenges, enabling us to laugh at ourselves for not having the awareness sooner.

If you’re taking life too seriously – watch a comedy or consider how ridiculous your own struggles are to the guides who watch over you!

This is also a great time to catch up friends who you can enjoy a laugh with – especially those who do so without it being at the expense of another.

Blessings on your day,


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