Moon is still waxing in Sagittarius so you may feel like getting out and about since this is the sign of the centaur, adventure and travel. An adventure doesn’t have to be an expedition to the end of the Earth, it just means doing something beyond your everyday comfort zone. So perhaps consider doing something you’ve never done or going somewhere you’ve never been.

This is ideal if you’ve been rather sedentary of late. However, if you’ve been tearing around like a hairy goat, this lunar transit may instead call you to journey inwardly. To do this, try one of the following: – select a piece of journeying music such as an enigmatic movie soundtrack or meditation music and lie down with your eyes closed and allow the music to inspire imagery, thoughts and feelings to surface. – listen to a guided meditation, to visit a temple of place between the worlds to gain insight or resolve something your psyche has not yet integrated. I’ve recorded some on my website you can download for $5 for a 15-20 minute journey.

Books & Audio

If neither of those things call you, try picking up a book which offers insight, since Sagittarius is the sign of higher learning. You may have great books gathering dust on your bookshelf which you haven’t revisited in years…so perhaps try scanning the shelves & see if one commands your attention. When you select one, ask ‘What message does this book hold for me at this time?’ and open the book on a page and see what sentence your eyes fall upon. Alternatively, go to a book store or online store and ask the question, ‘Which book can most help me at this time?’ Then notice which one’s vibe draws you in.

Blessings on your day,