Moon is momentarily void, (not forming any major aspects as she moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius), so you may feel a bit directionless between 4.34am and 8.58am AEDT. visit converter.html to calculate for your time zone
A lunar transit in Sag can make us want to get out of the house so consider visiting a place of interest that stimulates higher thought such as a library or bookstore or seek out the company of friends with whom you can share contemplations about life lessons and the meaning of life.

Moon in Sag can also increase the likelihood of us speaking without thinking, causing us to hurt other’s feelings. So do try to be mindful of not causing harm with your words for the next two days. Such as comments that put others down, are unsupportive of their dreams or lashing out verbally from a place of deep personal wounding, causing wounds to others. Your words have power, use them wisely and be humble enough to say sorry if you hurt someone inadvertently with your words.

It is up to us each to make the world a kinder place by responding in a way that is honorable in every moment.

Blessings on your day,




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