Happy New Moon! Now is the window for visioning THINK BIG.
Why? It’s new moon in Sagittarius & Jupiter the planet of expansion is the ruler of Sagittarius.
So this is the opportunity to raise the bar, set a goal which feels audacious & dare to have the kind of life you’ve been dreaming about.
How? Hold your greatest, grandest vision for your life in your thoughts…bless it & know that it already exists. See yourself moving into that reality as that reality equally moves towards you.
Feel excited as you align with this chosen reality. See it in vivid colour & notice the details in all your senses. Allow
yourself to feel the sheer joy of receiving your heart’s deepest desire.
If fears or doubts surface, breathe into the contraction, knowing that this is part of the birthing process but not a
reason to collapse the vision you are birthing into form.
Now ask your innate intelligence, what action you need to take in this moment to be in alignment with this reality &
follow through with full conviction.
Know that you will be tested if your default setting has been to deny yourself your needs based on the belief that you can’t have them. Then practice detachment from that old illusory story if fears or doubts surface internally or as a projection from others.
Keep affirming, ‘How do I want this to look?’ rather than focusing on worries.
Sag asks us to take full responsibility for the life we’re creating – especially with the power of our words. So affirm only the highest vision for your life during this potent time of seeding intent.

Blessings on your day,