Moon is still waning in Sagittarius so try to be mindful of being tactful & careful of where you put your feet…

Sag is perhaps the most clumsy of signs, as we can be in such a rush to get somewhere in this sign of travel that we move without inviting our mind & spacial awareness along for the ride – resulting in prat falls a plenty, so do try to move as one unit today.

Sag transits evoke the archetypal energy of the archer, whose lesson is to not cause harm with barbed words, harsh tones or a lack of tact. This can be accentuated if we feel in any way fenced in as Sag prizes freedom above all else.

Sag moon can bring out the Amazon Goddess, Artemis who is a bit of a lone wolf – so do go for a walk in nature on your own to appease this part of your psyche if at all possible & try not to become so highly competitive that you destroy friendships or partnerships in your need to prove the point that you can make your mark.

Blessings on your day,


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