A new lunar month now begins in the sign of Sagittarius before entering Capricorn later today. This will be welcome for many after the last lunar month took many of us to the depths to purge all our unexpressed emotions & confront our deepest fears. Sagittarius is the sign symbolised by the archer.
It is the sign that evokes the archetypes: – Artemis, the Medicine Woman & – Chiron, the Spiritual Teacher
They are the aspects which govern our throat chakra. It’s at this gate we prioritise our quest to live our truth so our soul can feel free.
So if there’s any part of your life which feels out of alignment, whether it’s a social set you feel you can’t truly be yourself with, a job environment that feels like a straight jacket or a culture that seems meaningless, this will be the spark that urges you to seek something different. You can call upon these universal aspects within the collective consciousness to help you align your deepest truth with the life you’re living…so you’re walking your talk.
Sag new moon is a powerful window to set our intentions for healing…for ourselves or prayers for those who are ill & or whose freedom is being violated.
Remember healing is synonymous with wholeness. We must accept that what we judge in others also resides in us. These are the aspects which help us to heal rather than fight, a paradigm which wounds.

Blessings on your day,