Moon is still waning in Sagittarius so do try to be mindful of the power of your words to either harm or heal today.

Sag moon can cause our unresolved wounds to surface & when an unacknowledged wound is driving us we unconsciously wound others.

So if you notice yourself speaking in a way that’s not as caring & considerate towards others as you know you can be – take this as a sign that there’s some pain needing to be felt & expressed in a space just for you which feels safe & honouring. (Just as animals go away to lick their wounds in private – we also need time to ourselves to sit with our wounded parts & find a place of acceptance & eventually forgiveness & gratitude for the lesson.)

This is one of the reasons a Sag moon can evoke the urge to get away from it all. So if it’s been too long since you got away to feel like a free Spirit – take steps to plan a getaway, by being resourceful with what you have at your disposal such as a house swap, camping or even one night away on the road, wherever the mood takes you.

If you have never been away on your own, consider the underlying fears that may be preventing you – journal these & question whether they are a valid reason for not taking a solo adventure.

Blessings on your day,


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