The moon is moving through the last degrees of Sagittarius & into Capricorn today.

So words of advice – try to stay present to what you’re doing to avoid accidents while the moon is still in Sag, then when she shifts into Capricorn…

Assess what practical things need to be done to make your life easier. If you struggle to think of something, start by identifying where you recently experienced struggle & make a list of the practical things you could do to avoid a repeat scenario in the future.

Cappy moon is the part of us that ensures the car is serviced, the bills are paid on time & we honour our word with right action.

Those who struggle with honouring their word to others, usually break their promises to Self. So to become more responsible, which is the best way to reduce drama in your life, start by ensuring you meet your responsibilities to yourself & the rest will follow.

Blessings on your day,


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