Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius Everyone! Today you may have one-pointed focus on your goal – so be mindful to not wound others with your words if they distract you from your task at hand.

If you’re not completely clear on your direction, like the archer this is the time to seek greater meaning through higher learning, which Sag rules. So this is a good day to find answers through seeking a symbolic, mythic or archetypal viewpoint on your current life situation, through reading articles online, discussions with friends or an astrological or Tarot card reading.

Sag moon is also likely to spark your enthusiasm for getting outdoors or away from it all, far from the madding crowd so do explore opportunities for time-out – such as a hike, a weekend away or a pilgrimage. (There are still places left if you feel called to participate in my 8 day Rainbow Bridge retreat in Bali Dec 9-17, https://themoonwoman.com/rainbow-bridge-retreat-bali-2018/)

Do try to be mindful that you don’t alienate those around you by insisting you do everything on your own to prove to yourself how self-reliant you can be. If you need complete head space, (which this sign can evoke) explain your need and reassure those closest to you, that you will return from your aloneness.

If you’d like more guidance around this full moon in sagittarius, read my Astro Forecast here : https://themoonwoman.com/astro-forecast/

Blessings on your day,


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