Moon is still waxing in Sagittarius so do be mindful of spatial awareness as you go about your day, so you don’t bump into things or other people.

Sagittarius lunar transits keep us on the go, with an urge to cover a lot of ground – so it’s important to make sure the mind & body are acting as one unit so we don’t trip over our feet in haste.

Being a fire element, Sag is a very excitable sign so this is an ideal time to raise enthusiasm for an idea, project or party!

Sag lunar transits encourage us to expand our horizons – to think beyond our immediate worldview & dare to ponder what lays beyond the horizon. This can create a sense of adventure, which fires us up to explore opportunities to make our world bigger in some way.

So today is a good day to consider what situations in your life feel like shoes that are too tight, that are restricting your growth. Instead of trying to minimise yourself to ‘fit in’ with those who worldview is smaller than your own, consider what risks you can take to upgrade your circumstances so you can stand in the company of those who celebrate living life large.

Blessings on your day,


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