Moon in Sagittarius

Sep 23, 2020

Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon In Sagittarius 



The moon is still waxing in Sagittarius so this is a good time to cover a lot of ground (like the centaur symbol of Sag)…& get moving with whatever is in your sights.



Sag is the sign of the philosopher, the fresh outlook we emerge with after going to the depths of our soul during the previous lunar transit through Scorpio & confronting whatever poison has wounded us & taken us into the darker side of our nature.



If we have transmuted the poison by feeling the wound completely which brings about a transformation, we return from our descent free of our previous burden & feeling lighter & more philosophical about life.



If however, we have not attended our wound but instead allowed them to fester in the dark of the unconscious by not consciously exploring their role in our learning adventure we arrive in Sag as someone who runs from their problems & unconsciously speaks from a place of wound, inadvertently hurting others. Why?



Sag evokes the urge to testify, to speak out about our experiences. If we have made our peace with those experiences the wisdom will uplift others, whereas if those experiences are unresolved we will create harm with our



Sag reminds us of the power of sound, of vibration we emanate with every word spoken. So observe your words with mindfulness, today & ask yourself, ‘Where is that coming from?’



The word, ‘philosophy’ comes from the Greek, ‘philo’ meaning love (not just a pastry!) & ‘sophy’ meaning wisdom (named after the Greek Goddess of wisdom, Sophia). It takes self-love to transmute pain into love & the result is


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