Moon is waxing in Sagittarius today so this will help you focus your energies on your goals to help you hit your mark!

Yes, Sag lunar transits bring the archetype of Artemis, the huntress to the fore.

So do be mindful that you will be more likely to speak the truth today, (without social filters) so try to pause before you speak to consider how it will be received so you can communicate your truth with tact & sensitivity.

Words of truth have the power to heal or wound as they pierce illusions & self-denial. This may be initially painful but ultimately enables us to deal with what is true & get to the root cause, which is often a place of acute vulnerability.

Artemis is one of the maiden aspects of us (regardless of our age or gender) who surfaces when the moon is waxing between new moon & full. This can highlight pain we have not dealt with – a sure sign of this is the urge to retreat on one’s own or with animals for fear of being hurt by humans.

Blessings on your day,


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