Moon is still waxing in Sagittarius which can evoke the inner philosopher within our psyche.

So don’t be surprised if you find yourself engaged in conversations with others about their beliefs or the cultural beliefs they were raised with during this lunar transit.

As this is a time when people are more likely to be open to philosophical discussions, which can add a lovely dimension to relationships – especially with those with whom we stick to ‘safe’ topics such as work colleagues, neighbors or relatives, rather than dare to ponder & share ‘big picture’ musings & motivations.

Do be mindful however that Sag moon can make us feel sensitive to our personal freedoms, so no matter how convinced you are of some great truth you have found in your personal journey, be it a book, teacher or tradition – be respectful of those who don’t share your views, otherwise we risk doing more harm than good with a didactic attitude that bullies people into seeing the world as we do. Ultimately this is a sign our small self, ruled by the rational mind needs validation because our personal identity is tied up in our beliefs.

This is why some of our greatest prophets & teachers throughout history (& herstory) have been misrepresented by righteous followers, who methods & behaviours undermined the very teachings they sought to impart to others.

Truth is personal & subjective – so allow others their truth. To deny this is a basic human right…be they 4 or 84 year of age.

This is a lovely time to listen & explore why some beliefs are held as sacred by others – this helps us to expand our worldview & stay humble & receptive to learning in every moment.

Blessings on your day,


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