Moon is moving through the last degrees of Scorpio into Sagittarius today so the moon will be void for the next several hours so avoid making major decisions during this window when you’re more likely to be influenced by others & less able to access your own authentic truth.

Ultimately the lesson of Sag is to journey inwardly to find one’s own search for meaning, in order to live life in accordance with an understanding of higher truths. Travel can be a catalyst for this because it can changes our perspective of ourselves & life in general, but is not essential in the quest for personal meaning.

I feel collectively during this transit, we will all become more aware of where we are each not living in accordance with natural lore & make the shifts required so we can live sustainably. So take note of any intuitive ideas you get while the moon moves through Sag over the next 2 days & follow them!

Personally I love the explanation of the universal laws in Dan Millman’s book, ‘The Life You Were Born To Live’ which uses numerology to pinpoint the laws most pertinent to the life lesson we are personally here to learn.

Since Sag also rules higher learning – so you may feel inspired today to read books, such as this that open your awareness while Luna moves through this sign.

Blessings on your day,


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