Moon is still in Sagittarius today at first quarter moon. First quarter moon evokes the youthful part of ourselves, to strike out boldly & take action where it is needed for us to pursue our goals. So this is a time when we’re likely to feel energised, motivated & focused.

The sun & moon form a 90 degree square to each other during this lunar phase, one week after new moon. This creates a tension between opposites as we feel the pressure build.

This can produce a sense of excitement & attraction if we are open & receptive to the contribution of each causing us to adjust our own viewpoint.

Whereas, if we persist in doing things our way, regardless of the input from others, we may experience building frustration with those who don’t see things our way & vice versa.

A first quarter moon rises at noon, is high overhead at sunset & sets around midnight. So the afternoon can be when we are most prone to make emotionally-based decisions of be reactive towards others.

Sunset is the optimal time to go for a walk outside to sight the moon & this is also a great time for an impromptu date night or to do something fun to let off steam, such as a girl’s night or boy’s night.

First quarter moon is a time when we often decide on our futures & make decisive actions accordingly. So do seize the day & be bold but be sure to gather the facts first to avoid being hasty & impatient, which can be the peril of youth.

Blessings on your day,


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