Artemis, is the moon Goddess who is evoked within our psyche during a Sag lunar transit. She is an amazon who will take up a cause to restore freedom and sovereignty. However, in doing so, she often neglects tending to her own wounds. Since everything is connected, they are one and the same. What is good for me is good for you. For when we function well, we serve our heart which serves all.

We live in a time of chem trails, GMO foods, excessive vaccinations, viral warfare and most store bought foods contain more sugar and chemical additives than vitamins and minerals. So ensuring we are healthy is now perhaps the most potent form of activism. Our bodies are fractals of Gaia, so when we detoxify our bodies, we free them from a dependency on that which undermines our vitality & this will impact the health of everything around us.

We are each responding to the galactic wave of light which is waking us up from our sleepstate to make more enlightened choices, so we may fulfill our destiny to transform ourselves and life as we know it on our planet. It’s exciting and an honour to share in this transition with you all.

Blessings on your day,


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