The moon is now moving into Sagittarius. Time to move forwards with the new perspective gained in the surrender demanded by the recent new moon in Scorpio.

This was a potent transit which took many to the depths of powerlessness in order to realise the ultimate power is surrendering to ‘what is’ rather than trying to control everything in an effort to protect oneself from potential pain.

Sag is the sign of the philosopher who helps us make sense of our challenges by seeking wisdom from higher truths written by those who have descended many times to the depths of their psyche.

Curious this descent path which is the getting of wisdom is perceived as a weakness with a social stigma. Why? Patriarchy is a societal structure which values control – due to a fear of chaos, the feminine principle.

Trying to control nature is futile and a recipe for stress and mental illness. Why?

Control as an an operating system is neither wise or sustainable.

The empowered masculine principle structures energy in a way that is honouring of the natural flow and forces. Whereas the disempowered masculine principle asserts control which is rigid and destined to break over time due to the inevitable build up of pressure.

So if you haven’t yet recognised your own inner patriarch forcing you to comply with rigid social rules which add to your daily pressure, now is a good time to question the expectations you hold yourself accountable to and ask whether they’re honouring of your natural instincts.

p.s the feminine and masculine principles are within all of us & healing the unbalanced paradigm of patriarchy is up to each one of us individually in the choices we make as self-governing sovereign beings.

Blessings on your day,


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