The moon is still waxing in Sagittarius, lighting our desire for variety and change. Why?

Sag is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. So Sag lunar transits give us a sense of expansion along with an optimistic attitude that anything is possible.

So you may wish to harness this lunar window by taking a moment to ask yourself where you’re feeling restricted in any way…

Then sight the moon and surrender that situation or aspect of your life up to highest will to be transformed, freed of any limitation and expanded beyond what you dreamed possible, with grace!

Sag moon inspires us to broaden our perception through studying higher truths…but just a sage caution, Sag is the sign of both the teacher & the preacher.

So whilst all of us are both the teacher & the student simultaneously in any interaction…when looking for a teacher of higher truth, such as esoteric disciplines be discerning by using your own innate truth as the guide.

Our intuition will always indicate to us who is ‘walking their talk’ – be they a friend, partner or someone we choose to study with. If they aren’t, we’ll have a sense that something doesn’t add up or feel right. We will sense the incongruency – between their soul and their ego.

So if someone appears to have it all together, do not envy them or try to be like them. Trust they have their own human flaws and issues equal to anyone else’s. If they preach perfection…do not strive to fulfil their false expectations or it will erode your self-esteem & perhaps your wallet.

Those we learn the most from, either in our personal or professional life are those who share from their own experience, which is humble and transparent. This is why true elders are as gentle as a dove.

You may wish to acknowledge & thank those who have been true teachers on your path & inspired you to be completely honest with yourself, helping you to grow into deeper authenticity through their example.

Blessings on your day,


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