The moon is still in Sagittarius, the sign of the centaur, the mythic being who is half human and half horse. So a lunar transit through Sag can see us galloping around in an effort to cover as much ground as possible, regardless of our personal horoscope.

The caution here is to ensure we don’t get so enthusiastic to be somewhere or do something that we don’t disregard our body & our body’s needs. A Gung-ho approach can result in accidents, so align and move as one rather than your head and body being separate entities if you want to avoid being accident prone.

If you have any ailments with your thighs, hips or liver, this is an ideal window to set a prayerful intent for healing under the light of the moon. Then moon gaze until your mind becomes still and receptive and notice any intuitive ideas with prescriptive suggestions.

Why the liver?

The liver is the organ which holds our unexpressed anger. With Sagittarius being a fire sign, those with a lot of Sag in their birth chart can be prone to having a dependency on fire water (alcohol) as a way of taming their anger and being the ‘happy-go-lucky’ traveller they think others expect them to be.

Sport is a great outlet for channelling frustrations out of our bodies so we don’t end up with an excess of fire when the moon is in Sag. However, long-term the best medicine is to become like Chiron, the centaur who became wise through embracing his wound.

So if the recent Scorpio new moon brought you to your knees with a sense of powerless, now is the time to explore your humility and vulnerability, which is often catalysed by illness or injury.

Consider what significant turning point in your early life has left a scar and a sense of victimhood.

This is especially helpful for those in the mid-life stage of their journey. This is when the kundalini (life force) initiates us into a journey with our throat chakra archetypes by confronting us with our humility. This ensures we commit to healing our past as the preparatory work for birthing ourselves as true elders.

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