Happy New Moon in Sagittarius Everyone!

You may feel a tad restless during this new moon transit since Sag evokes our need for freedom. So look at how you can gift yourself room to move if you’ve been feeling hemmed in – or you may find yourself less than tactful if you feel restricted in any way.

The challenge at new moon is to watch you don’t manifest your worst fears & worries, since this darkest time of our emotional cycle when we can tend to contract into fuelling worst case scenarios.

Since new moon is also the time of seeding intent – do as the wise ones say & ‘Be careful what you wish for’ by ensuring your spoken words & written words affirm the highest outcome all round – even if you can’t see how that’s possible from your current vantage point.

New Moon in Sag is the perfect time to sow the seeds of sisterhood & brotherhood, since Sag corresponds to the throat chakra archetypes of Artemis & Chiron – who help us nurture agape love in our lives.

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Blessings on your day,


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