Moon is now waning in Sagittarius which can bring out energy blocks in the throat energy center. So if your throat feels niggly, sing your heart out to help clear it.

Singing helps to also strengthen & tone our personal aura. So if you’ve been feeling run down energetically, consider doing some chakra toning.

Alternatively, just sit quietly & close your eyes & tone the sounds & vowels you intuitively feel to to give yourself an impromptu sound healing. If your throat feels too tired then you may wish to use chimes, bells, a Tibetan bowl or put on some soothing music & breathe it in deeply.

This is also a good time to consider joining a community choir in your area. As singing with other people, helps us to literally harmonise with others & promotes sharing our vibration harmonically in a spirit of brother / sister…again, one of the positive traits of Sag.

Perhaps you’ve been told you can’t sing or shouldn’t sing. We each have the right to let our voice out, regardless of other’s perceptions. Ravens don’t cower in a corner because they don’t sound like the lark.

If singing with others is too confronting for you, join the birds at dawn & at dusk to let your voice out in gratitude for the gift of life & out ability to be heard.

This will help free you up to speak your truth in all situations.

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Blessings on your day,


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