Moon is now in Sagittarius, making this a good time to consider how you can expand your world & widen your horizons.

Sag is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. A planet which governs good fortune & abundance. So if you’ve been running the story that you haven’t got ‘enough’ THIS is the time to review that old expectation of lack & limitation.

Sag moon gives us the optimism of the fire element to ‘have a go’, come what may. To ask, ‘What is possible…& how?’ Rather than cower with an attitude of defeatism when contemplating opportunities.

When the moon moves through this sign, this is an idea time to ask ‘How can I create opportunities by being daring, enterprising & enthusiastic?’ As such a ‘can do’ attitude ignites the enthusiasm of others to assist you to reach your goals. Unlike a pessimistic attitude which brings everybody down to their lowest expectations.

Since the moon is in a waning phase, this is a time to get real in facing our shadow. The shadow of Sag, being the ways in which you inhibit your own expansion by making excuses to stay small.

For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere…we are now approaching the Autumn Equinox, the Fall into facing our shadow over the next 7 months. If you’d like me to be your personal guide, consider signing up for my Inner Goddess Online Course.

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