Moon is still waning in Sagittarius. So you may find yourself questioning, ‘What’s it all for?’

This is because Sag urges us to search for meaning…which usually starts with us questioning everything around us.

This then results in us scrutinising our plans, motives & reasons…as well as those of others.

Questioning ourselves & others is necessary & best done regularly if we are to be truly aligned with our deepest truth.

However, given the current state of our world, once we start questioning how crazy everything is in a society which has lost it’s meaning can feel overwhelmed by the sense that everything feels futile.

So do question your choices & your actions today…by asking, ‘Am I part of the solution or part of the problem?’ Instead of looking to blame someone as a scapegoat.

The world will change as we change through choices which align with our deepest truth.

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