The moon is still waning in Sagittarius, making this a great time to stop & look back & consider how far you’ve come. Why?

Sagittarius reminds us that life is an eternal journey…filled with colourful characters, daring adventures, silly mistakes & cherished memories.

When the moon moves through this sign we can get so caught up in where we’re going & where we’d like to be that we don’t fully appreciate where we are.

The more we pause for reflection & consider what it took to arrive at this moment, the heartache, the fears we overcame, the hard lessons we learned the more we can savour the moment & feel grateful for the ground on which we stand & those who surround us.

So if you have itchy feet…not uncommon during a lunar transit through Sag, with a yearning to be somewhere else…remember you once longed to be where you are today.



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