Moon in Sagittarius  

Aug 17, 2021

Today’s Luna Guidance for Moon in Sagittarius

Moon is still in Sagittarius so you may feel annoyed with having to honor responsibilities today since Sag can awaken the part of us that wants to be free and not pinned down by anyone or anything. So if you feel like you want to escape to the hills rather than front up to what needs to be done – you are feeling the effects of this lunar transit. 

This is heightened by the phase of the moon which is now in the waxing phase…a time when we are most likely to feel independent and so may resent how the needs or plans of others may impact on us. 

Equally, we may feel frustrated by others not being accountable! A lunar transit through Sag will also often highlight differences between cultures. So you may notice an opportunity to understand cultural differences presents so you can develop clearer communication and compassion for those who express themselves differently. Those who are most intimidated by difference, are often those most afraid of being out of their cultural comfort zone…for fear of not getting their needs met or their identify being usurped by the cultural identity of another. 

Such fear leads to ethnocentrism – judging another culture by the standards of one’s own culture; generating an attitude of superiority about one’s own culture or society. This is why travel (ruled by Sag) is so important if we are to expand our world view of humanity, beyond that of our own culture. 

So if you were raised by a Xenophobic parent, take up the challenge to grow beyond your conditioning and dare to visit another culture with humility, self reliance and wonder – even if that’s going to a restaurant in a different part of town to confront and grow beyond your ingrained prejudices. 

When we make the decision to move beyond righteousness, we can be truly available to really meet new people, enabling us to truly see them beyond our own veils of superstition.

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