Moon in Sagittarius

Sep 12, 2021

Today’s Luna Guidance for Moon in Sagittarius

Moon is currently void (not making any major aspects to other celestial bodies as she moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius).

When Luna is void this is a good time to embrace being in the void – that is the place of pure potential. To do this close your eyes and take your awareness to the cosmos within.

Often the places that call our soul are those where we have been most happiest in other lifetimes. By visiting these lands and cultures we often activate soul gifts; the talents and skills we have honed in other incarnations as well as unlocking codes of gnosis (knowing) which we can then use to fulfil our soul’s mission. 

If you can’t physically travel to a place, find pictures that speak to you from that region on the net and then scry into them (gazing), allowing your consciousness to drift into a light trance state, taking you on an inner journey via creative visualisation. Then record your impressions, thoughts and visions and ponder them and what they mean. 

Since the soul is immortal, when we acknowledge energy only changes form but never dies, we open our awareness to perceive the subtle nuances that act as keys and clues to our soul’s retrieval – that is, the gathering and conscious remembrance of all the facets that make us who we are as an eternal traveller through the Cosmos. 

Sag is symbolized by the glyph of the archer, making this a great time to get clear on the direction in which we’re headed. However, this process must be preceded by consulting the soul self within. For we can’t project a trajectory and expect to be on target with our goals if we don’t have a clear and centered self from which to shoot. Otherwise our ego imposes goals upon our inner self that aren’t in alignment with our core essence and deepest truth, so we lack the inspiration, conviction and motivation to follow through on them.”

Chanting ‘Om’ the sound of the Divine assists one to enter this space of pure limitless potential. Void moon is not a time to make big decisions as we’re not able to focus our rational thoughts as clearly. So if you feel a little vague, don’t chide yourself but instead embrace the opportunity to sit with all of eternity and just be, feeling yourself to one with all that is.
Moon will move into Sag at 4.04pm AEST (Aust). To find out what that is in your local time visit:


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