Moon is currently waning and entering Sagittarius today so a reminder to watch the power of your words – be it the story you perpetuate by reiterating it to friends, anchoring your drama or what you tell yourself is so, which creates a finite reality.

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Instead try using the words, ‘I am open to the possibility of…& setting your intent’. This allows for the Universe (your Higher mind which is in constant connection & flow with all that is) to create a solution that matches your highest intent that is beyond what your 10% rational mind could conceive.

Moon in Sag also asks us to remember that we need to set clear boundaries if we wish our deepest truth to be honoured.

So if you are feeling victimized look at it as an opportunity to assert self honouring guidelines.

For victimhood is borne from passivity, feeling we are powerless to do nothing but react to the actions of others. Empowerment comes when we take action according to our needs, so if you are feeling dis-empowered in any area of your life – find out what your rights are as ‘knowledge is power’ then act accordingly.

Blessings on your day,