Moon is moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn today, entering void (making no major aspects) 8.03pm Melbourne Australia time then entering Capricorn 9.36pm.

So you may find you feel less inclined to take risks as the day progresses. For transit times go to:

Cappy is the pragmatist of the signs, so the next two days are likely to see us doing reality checks which may cool our heels after Sag excited us with possibilities for expansion.

Moon in Capricorn is, however a great time to overcome what may’ve once seemed an insurmountable obstacle. As Cappy helps us knuckle down & put the grunt work in to complete tasks & ensure everything gets done to ensure a successful outcome.

So if you have a gnarly task like getting an assignment completed or something which feels larger than what you’re equipped to deal with – then THIS is the day to do it!

Cappy moon won’t necessarily inspire us with lofty goals, visions &dreams – but it will give us the determination to achieve them, especially when they scare or overwhelm us…by applying a practical structure.

Once we have the framework, we can then find our footing one step at a time time the danger has passed, like the mountain goat – the totem of this sign.
Invoke the medicine of goat if you’re afraid of taking your next step into
a bigger possibility with a greater view.
Blessings on your day,