Moon is now void (not forming any major aspects)  as she makes her way into Sagittarius. At 10.09pm Saturday, 14th of March (check for your time:

So this is a good time to pause & consider all the ways you’ve shifted from a story of powerlessness to one of personal responsibility. Know that every time you honour your deepest truth by speaking up or taking appropriate action you stand taller in your true essence, your power.

If you have been experiencing tightness behind your shoulder blades (your wings) this may be your body reminding you to stand tall in who you are & honour what is true for you, even in the face of opposition, ignorance or judgement.

Please also be careful on the roads today as the heightened energies activating our kundalini will mean a lot of people are scattered & ungrounded which creates manic behaviour. This can make us quick to react, impatient, angry & anxious.

Luna is trine to Neptune today, a good time for creative expression and connecting with your pure essence. With this planetary aspect, you may find your sensitivities are heightened, clearing the way to tune in to your Third Eye Chakra & your psychic vision. 

Blessings to your day,