Moon is now waning in Sagittarius, which is a good time for us to notice what we can learn from our wounds. This is because the moon governs our inner emotional / spiritual self so when it moves through the constellation of Sag we are all reminded of what we have incarnated to heal & learn this lifetime.

The symbol for Sag is the centaur, Chiron, the ‘wounded’ healer. Ultimately, all of us play the role of healer, perpetrator & victim. The more we understand our own wound the the less will unconsciously wound others. (Just as someone in pain is so caught up in their own pain they are cranky because of it so are often blind to the suffering they are causing others.)

When we take responsibility for the healing of our wound we become a sage on the path for others but until  we make commitment to heal ourselves we remain dominated by our wounded inner child, blaming everyone else for our suffering.

So over the next day or so consider picking up a book or watching a video that can bring your suffering to the surface and provide insight to shift it. l experienced this in the cinema once, watching ‘Saving Mr Banks’ 

Movies are a great way to reconnect with our painful stories and through the power of parable in a ritual theatre receiving greater understanding to apply to our lives. 

Books to assist you in shifting old stories include: ‘The Life You Were Born to Live’ by Dan Millman (a great book to pinpoint the life lessons you personally came here to learn with specific advice and universal laws to assist you in mastering your life lessons)

The moon is trine to Chiron making it a wonderful day for healing or seeking a hands on healing session.  Also a day to connect to healing your inner wounds through meditation with intention.

Blessings to your day,