Lunar Guidance For Moon In Sagittarius 



Waning moon in Sag is a good time to sing!!!!! This clears any blocked energy in the throat which helps us to speak our truth clearly & express who we really are inside out in the world.


‘I can personally attest to the power of singing upon my physical health. As a child I had chronic illness up until the age of twelve. Then at age twelve I started singing lessons and every morning would do an hour of singing practice before going to school. In order for my singing teacher to take me on as a pupil I also had to agree to join the local choral society, which was made up of about fifty senior citizens and a handful of teenagers. For the five years I sang as a daily practice I was in good health.’ 



However…do be mindful of the music you choose…

‘In the early 1970’s, Dorothy Retallack performed a series of experiments on plants involving various forms of music. The plants that were played soothing music grew to a uniform size with lush, green foliage. Whereas the plants exposed to rock music wilted and died. Out of all the music played, classical Indian music produced the best results and the plants were completely indifferent to country and western music.’ 


So as much as I love Jimi Hendrix it seems best to listen to listen to the Indian sutras & save Jimi for when you have some pent up angst to clear. 




Use your voice today to change the world starting with the world around you. Moon in Sag may present you with an opportunity to speak up on someone else’s behalf if you witness an injustice.



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Blessings on your day,