Moon in Sagittarius

May 8, 2020

Lunar Guidance For Moon Into Sagittarius 


If you’ve experienced some intense lessons in the lead up to yesterday’s full moon in Scorpio today you’ll start to feel the pressure now begin to ease. 


Whilst the moon will be moving into Sagittarius later today, Melb, Australia, 5.15pm Fri May 8th, the moon is still in Scorpio for most of the day so emotional release may still be needed to release internal pressure that’s been building over the past two weeks as the moon waxed to full.

To check your time and dates



Since Scorpio transits make it impossible to ignore dysfunctional behaviour this week we’re asked to reclaim our personal power by acknowledging what situations or patterns of behaviour have been sabotaging our wellbeing. Only then can we take right action to limit any ongoing negative impact.



Grief often accompanies such realisations. So if you feel emotional, do not suppress your sadness as it’s through the process of grieving we release all emotional attachments that would otherwise keep us in toxic dynamics. Without grief we cannot move on to create something that is more empowering and functional.



This is the lesson of death – embracing change by letting go of that which we’ve outgrown. I speak about this in more detail in my masterclass, ‘The Sacred Power of Death’ in my Initiation 3 part series available here.



This is a time to take off the rose coloured glasses and see the shadow in ourselves and each other so we can continue to mature. 



If unwilling to do this we may hide out in the shadows, feeling resentment towards those who we perceive have done us wrong, which enables us to justify behaving badly towards them. 



If  you’re struggling with dark feelings place yourself in the violet flame of transmutation, surrendering yourself and the situation causing pain to a higher power.



This will help diffuse karmic outcomes which would otherwise keep you bonded in a cycle of fear based reactions that escalate drama through ‘tit for tat’ retribution.



If you’d like to know more about the planetary influences subscribe to my fortnightly Planetary Wisdom video forecast here Try it for 30 days FREE!



Blessings to your day,









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