Moon has now entered Sagittarius. This sign helps us to move to higher ground…so if you’ve been feeling bogged down in the marshlands of emotion…disenchanted with the shadow behaviours you’ve been exposed to then take heart, this transit will help usher in a much needed lightness of being.

Why? Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher. One who helps us continue on with our journey even when we feel like giving up.

How? By using our experiences to distill lessons learned. So instead of being bitter about the pain we’ve endured we can feel grateful for the wisdom acquired, knowing we will never again repeat the same lesson.

Being light-hearted does not mean we don’t take life seriously. What it does mean is that we strive to find the light in every situation so we remain a vessel for the light. This helps us tread lightly upon the Earth, so our actions don’t create a heavy impact on others & the world around us to due our own lack of insight & awareness. This can be a challenge in these transition times, when we are tested to live our deepest truth & the convictions of our heart.

Spend time with those who reflect your light, support your light & see your light. Laugh at that which casts a shadow, knowing it is no match for a single spark of eternal light.

This song came up which I don’t even own…a message from the Universe which felt too good not to share as I’m sure it will be medicine for many of you striving to be the light in a world that can feel very dark.

Blessings on your day,


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