Sagittarius moon can evoke a desire to be on the move & quickly at that. However, this is a time to move slowly, with extra consideration for the totality of our being.

This will be even more pronounced for those currently experiencing mid-Winter as the energy retracts deep within the Earth, encouraging everyone to ‘go to ground’ & gestate new ideas. For those in the Southern hemisphere, you may have felt an urge to get outdoors during this lunar transit since Sagittarius desires freedom & adventure. This may be pronounced if you have spent too much time couped up during this time or felt your true self was hemmed in by your family’s perception of you.

It is finding our own truth which truly sets up free – free from living according to other’s projections & since Sag is the philosopher of the signs, you may now find yourself pondering how your true self can create a life in 2019 where you feel completely unbound by the past.

Blessings on your day


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