Moon is now void for the next 16 hours so If you feel spacey, emotionally we are all moving between the energies & lessons of Scorpio & Sagittarius.

As we move through the last degrees of Scorpio you may find our ol’ friend, ‘Death’ comes to check in & stir things up.

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t leave your apartment for fear of getting hit by a bus, what I am suggesting is that as we move through Scorpio, the sign of death & transformation you may be touched in some way by death in some way, to assist you in questioning how you are living your life.

For death is the greatest teacher. Death reminds us of how precious the gift of life truly is – including the blessing that is the presence of those we walk with.

When we contemplate death, it informs us of possible regrets should we not change our trajectory, make ammends or resolve a disagreement. So should death brush against you, bless & thank the depth of reflection it humbly offers.

Blessings on your day,


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