The moon is still in Scorpio so watch the sting in your tail if your temper gets the better of you.

Why? When the moon moves through Scorpio, it can be like we’ve taken a truth serum & everything we normally keep to ourselves to keep the peace or be socially acceptable comes flying out of mouths… Coming, ready or not! It’s as if the pressure of not speaking the things that irritate us builds up in us like a volcano to the point where we just can’t contain all that unexpressed truth anymore & it comes out, often in the worst way or at the worst time.

Like most natural disasters, this can entail a serious clean up job or devastation that is simply uninhabitable.So if you’re contemplating this scene alone with no emergency crews in sight, concerned that your big mouth (or a loved one’s) has undone all the positive relationship affirmations… know that in actuality, you are not alone.

It is when things look at their worst that our trust is most shaken, not just in our relationships but in ourselves & in our ultimate relationship, our relationship with existence.

Why? This is the moment when we need to climb that inner Tree of Life (known as the chakras) & get a better vantage point than our lower scared self is offering us. So do whatever practice gets you there – connecting with your Higher Self & you will remember that everything is the Divine Plan. If you desire healing of your relationships, then ripping the scab off to reveal the true depth of pain that’s festering underneath is exactly what’s needed for the wound to truly heal. This is when true love is asked for.

Commitment to be true to oneself & to honour the power of the truth to bring the light of understanding & accountability to any situation that is dysfunctional & unconscious.So bless whatever challenges you may be facing for they surely are your path to healing.

Blessings on your day,


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