Scorpio Wild woman alert…moon is entering Scorpio today! So don’t fight it…this is not a day to wear uncomfortable shoes, suffer fools with a polite smile or say, ‘I’m fine’ at the check-out if you’re experiencing leakage & a screaming child. Yes, Lilith is on the loose. More so if you’re currently experiencing PMS (which also brings our screaming banshee side despite our best efforts to stay calm in all situations.

This is the window each month when we cannot tell a lie even if the other person leaves in tears…When our children will be exposed to the explicit lyrics of Lenny Kravitz on the school run…& bathing is optional if we work from home.

Whilst this might sound unthinkable at any other time of the month, if you don’t give yourself this Scorpio lunation to be completely socially unacceptable each month, you may risk never being able to access your authentic truth the rest of the month. If that doesn’t produce beads of sweat on your brow line, watch the original version of ‘The Stepford Wives’ film. (p.s.It’s a sci-fi, not a horror as this black duck can’t sit through horror films.) It’s a prophetic prediction from 1975 how the future would look for compliant women in the wake of the feminist era. Well worth a watch.

If you haven’t been formerly introduced to Lilith, your inner wild woman – allow me to leave her calling card by way of my book, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’. To order either a paperback or ebook go to:

Blessings on your day,