We’re now in the last day of Luna transiting through Scorpio so if you’ve been feeling deep & inward the past couple of days, focusing on the shadow aspects of yourself – good news! Today is the day for a shift, catalyzed by a deeper understanding of truth.

Yes, Scorpio is the sign of the shaman. So as we navigate our way through this constellation the energy can take us into our pain, it will gift us deeper awareness.

A lunar transit through Scorpio also hones our psychic perceptions, giving us a greater ability to really see things for what they are – that is, the whole truth including the underlying agendas of others.

Scorpio also asks us to stand in the truth of our convictions, for when we do this we access our personal power. So if something bothers you or doesn’t seem quite right, speak up – not with force but gently explaining what you perceive – particularly in a situation where you would otherwise feel a loss of personal power & watch how your willingness to stand in your own authenticity enables you to share power with others, effortlessly & gracefully.

Blessings on your day,


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