The moon is still waxing in Scorpio so you may feel an added intensity to all that you do today, making it important to make some time for some rest & relaxation to unwind during this transit which will minimise the chance of you blowing your stack if triggered.

Why? Scorpio is a water sign. It’s the sign which causes us to feel things more deeply than any other sign. This is great for deepening our understanding & connection with ourselves & others but it also requires we ensure good self care to care take our emotional sensitivity. If we consider the element of water – it freezes or boils, depending on it’s surroundings. Similarly, water can be destructive like a tidal wave or still, like glass offering a clear reflection.This emotional sensitivity can lead those with a lot of Scorpio aspected in their natal chart to be controlling towards others & their external environment as a way of minimising triggers to protect themselves from feeling such extreme states.This can feel understandably oppressive & undermining for those close to them who have to deal with their rigid ice queen behaviour (which keeps them disconnected from their feelings as a survival mechanism)…or alternatively the wrath of their control freak should they not comply with OCD demands.

The key to navigating life during a Scorpio lunar transit, regardless of your sign is to allow yourself to feel & encourage those around you to feel. This ensures you’re dealing directly with the core issue cleanly rather than it escalating through unconscious acting out. So try not to react to the external behaviours why may annoy you today but instead ask, ‘How are you feeling?’ & you’ll witnessing the ice melting or the rapid boil diminish to a simmer.

Blessings on your day