We are about to enter the 8 hour window after exact new moon in Scorpio 2.38pm Melbourne, Australia time. (to convert that into your local time visit http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ converter.html).

Be mindful of what you focus on and the words you speak during this 8 hour window, as what we emphasize with emotion (energy in motion), we energize into being. This is how we unconsciously manifest the circumstances of our lives, through affirming what we feel is true.
New moon is the optimal time to set a clear intent for the coming month. Especially about global situations which can make us feel powerless. Below is a practice which is good for both adults and kids to know & feel they can make a difference.
It’s great for our kids to experience themselves as being able to make things happen and effect change, so they don’t grow up to become apathetic in accepting the status quo.

You can set your conscious intent for a better world or improved personal situation by:
– writing it down
– stating it as a clear thought
– speaking it aloud
– drawing / making a collage of images
– visualizing the outcome in your minds eye in full color and feeling excitement for what you are co-creating
Do keep in mind that any conscious intent must be accompanied by the intent that ‘it is in accordance with Highest Will & for the highest good of all, so it harms none’.

Since this new moon is in Scorpio, this is a powerful time to make intentions to change / transform areas of your life
that feel disempowered. Remembering we often hide from feelings of personal disempowerment by blaming others for our circumstances. However, since we can only change ourselves, we take our power back when we start doing things differently, as this transforms the dance with everything and everyone around us.

Blessings on your day




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