Moon in Scorpio

Oct 29, 2019

Moon is still in Scorpio so you may feel as if you’ve taken a truth serum and have no social filter to stop it flying out of your mouth, regardless of the situation or consequences. Yes, a lunar transit through Scorpio shakes everything up, like an Earthquake cracking foundations through the rumblings of discontent being aired.
Whilst this may be a tad uncomfortable, none more so for the soothsayer (truth speaker) in any given situation. This role often falls to those with a large helping of Scorpio in their natal chart or lots of planets in their 8th house, which is ruled by Scorpio. Their socially unacceptable comments or emotional outbursts are not intended as a planned attack but because it’s painful for them to not speak up on behalf of either themselves or those who find it too frightening to speak the truth and risk bearing the consequences. Not surprisingly, in most unconscious group dynamics, from families to work environments – the truth speaker is the one most likely to be ousted, exiled – even scorned for telling it like it is.
Blessed are those who make us uncomfortable, for they demand that we grow – that we look at the unmentionable and deal with it, rather than letting it fester like an insidious growth of decay. So…if someone hurts you with their audacity today, breathe and consider the gift in the sting – instead of shooting the messenger, because even they are God/dess showing up as what you need for your highest good and growth.

The tradition of sitting in circle & speaking our truth once a month keeps us accountable to our soul. This is the power of men’s circles & women’s circles – done as a monthly practice which forms a foundation of authenticity, supporting us in every facet of our lives. I am passionate about the return of this tradition in our modern culture where self-denial creates untold stress and pain. If these words resonate with your deepest truth, I invite you to have a look at the online courses I teach on how to create men’s and women’s monthly sharing circles, for your own wellbeing and for those in your community. Here are the
For women:

Red Tent Online Course

For men:

Brotherhood Lodge Online Course

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