Moon will enter void (not making any major aspects) as she makes her way from Libra to Scorpio…so not a time for making major decisions or initiating new projects for optimal results. Certainly do not enter a shopping center with the thought of getting your Xmas shopping done as you’ll be more susceptible to the disorientation of their ratmaze lay-out & pacifying elevator music than you would normally & may buy things you might later regret.

When Luna does amble into Scorpio do not allow yourself to get sucked into futile & petty ‘tit for tat arguments’ where you try to get the last word as no one ends this level of interaction, as all it does is bind both participants to sort it out more amicably on another occasion. (The Universal Law of Karma)

Given the placement of today’s moon, you may notice what goes around, comes around quicker than usual so be
mindful of what you affirm & treat others the way you’d like to be treated if you’d like the day to run smoothly with grace rather than grit.
You may, however be tempted to put an end once & for all to any situations that have been tempting you to blow up
the bridge & keep walking all month. (I am speaking metaphorically – please don’t try blowing up your nearest bridge on any day, regardless of the aspects.)

If you get a feeling or hunch to do something or not do something – do yourself a favor & listen. This is not superstition, it is your innate intelligence speaking through your subtle senses.

Blessings on your day,