The moon is still waning in Scorpio in these final days of the lunar month. So take it easy & don’t push yourself to do more than you have the energy for, given this is the lowest ebb of the lunar cycle.
Scorpio moon is likely to exacerbate feelings of powerlessness & control dramas that we enact unconsciously in an effort to feel safe. This combo can make for an intense ride, internally & out!
So if you feel like you’re going to combust, know that you’re not alone & there are larger forces at hand.
Ultimately, the more we try to control a situation or other’s behaviour the more it signals how out of control we feel & how fear we are generating within our our mind.
So harness the insight of Scorpio to go beneath your outer dynamics & identify the fears being triggered by stories your mind has concluded about your external circumstances.
When we acknowledge our fear, we can then access compassion for ourselves & take responsibility for our fear by directly addressing it, rather than projecting it on to others as being their responsibility to alleviate.
We are all in the crucible of human transformation, burning & transmuting the illusions that generate fear within our nervous system.
Acknowledging this helps us accept the process & renew ourselves every month when the moon moves through this sign, so we can combust like the Phoenix & rebirth in the ashes.
The Phoenix, invokes the help of the sun to transform. The sun rules the ego & the outer experiences we create in our waking world. So invoke the Spirit of the Phoenix and bless the Sun for illuminating your ego lessons rather than cursing that which is not to your liking.
All is well. Now & always. Nothing is wrong. Everything is a gift contributing to our eternal unfolding of consciousness. Detach from the drama & see the truth.

Blessings on your day,