Luna is now in the final degrees of Scorpio – the 13th sign known as Ophichius before she arrives in Sag.

Given we are bathing in the afterglow of full moon in Scorpio this is a powerful window to unplug from external imprints & enter the space between the worlds for attunement to highest truth & guidance.

If you did swing into shadow Scorpio; seeing the dark side in others & not in yourself…especially if you wished ill upon those who you perceive had ‘done you wrong’ now is the time to dissolve all negative thoughts & words by surrendering them up to the violet flame of transmutation to be ‘taken out of the lore’, thereby diffusing negative karmic outcomes which may keep you bonded in fear, drama & retribution.

For now we are moving through Ophichius – the constellation of the awakened man. One who has seen their own shadow nature during the transit through Scorpio & is now integrating the lesson. It is the sign of the resurrection after the ego death – when we have traversed the depths to gain new self-understanding, humility & compassion for the suffering of others.

Blessings on your day,


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