Moon is now in Scorpio, so it’s time to face the truth!

A lunar transit through Scorpio helps us confront what needs to change, while this may seem scary it’s often the letting go we need to have if we are continue to grow.

So if you’re feeling frustrated & it feels like you’ve been here many times before it may be time to acknowledge what you’ve outgrown.

Scorpio transits evoke out inner wild woman who governs our base chakra. So if you notice feelings of anger surfacing, don’t suppress them as anger is not an emotion you want stifled within your cells.

Instead, try breathing into the feelings & letting them out on a sound. Keep breathing deeper & releasing on deeper sounds being sure to release the jaw which we can clench to try & stop ourselves from screaming to release the build up of inner tension.

If we take responsibility for feeling & expressing anger in a safe way we don’t have to fear it’s power coming out when we least want it to – all over another person.

Once we express the emotion, we can speak our truth far more clearly & be heard so much more coherently.

Bless your anger, it’s keeping your colon healthy!


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