Moon is now void as she moves through the final degrees of Scorpio into Sagittarius without forming any major aspects so use this time to take stock rather than push ahead if you can & remember to breathe if you experience intense emotions which Scorpio can induce.

To those of you with a Scorpio moon in your natal chart – RESPECT.

Scorpio moon can feel like we’re standing in the fire until we crack open to birth a new & higher perspective – so if you’re still feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof rather than a yogi watching the world in a droplet of water, ask for a shift. (If writing that down – do a spell check.)

Intention is powerful. So like the ancient adage, ‘Ask & you shall receive’. For we live in a benevolent universe – a force which is greater than we can conceive with our minds, which when invoked will assist us in birthing miracles that serve the highest good.

We have so much support around us all the time, from soul guides, ancestors, animal totems, ascended masters, star tribes & that’s not counting the support we have on the ground – if we’d only ask!

So don’t forget to ask & your day will be blessed. 🙂


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