Moon is moving into Scorpio today, the sign of personal transformation. So if you’ve been confronted with the need for change you’ll find it easier to honour what your intuition has been urging you to do to honour your highest growth, even if you resisted initially in favour of the security of your comfort zone.

When the moon’s in Scorpio we can’t avoid acknowledging the truth, indicated by our heightened psychic awareness & increased emotional sensitivity. So if you feel on edge, depressed, angry or teary during this window – take note, this is your body sounding the alarm that something needs to change.

Whilst the depth of feeling a lunar transit through Scorpio evokes may seem inconvenient to our mind’s plans, it is necessary we acknowledge our feelings as our internal compass so we may steer a course that is in alignment with our deepest truth. Especially if that creates resistance in those around us, who feel threatened by change.

So resist the urge to suppress your emotions with substances such as alcohol, food or drugs or distractions like gaming, shopping or social media & acknowledge the feelings within you & what action they are guiding you to take. This will enable you to deal with the source, increasing feelings of personal empowerment rather than merely avoiding the real issues by applying a temporary band-aid solution.

Blessings on your day,


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