Moon is now waxing in Scorpio, which often highlights our relationship with our sexuality.

In this information age there is so much info on every topic on the web, including sexuality that it becomes increasingly important for us to use our inner guidance to exercise discernment as to what resonates deeply within us as truth.

I recall a few years ago watching a doco which claimed one must abstain to raise one kundalini. Immediately what followed was another You Tube video instructing people to fantasize about others while they slept as a love spell! Neither of these perspectives resonate with me and it concerns me how potent this force is which we fear, suppress or misuse due to a lack of understanding.

Our sexual spark is akin to a fire, which, when stoked increases passion – a depth of feeling. If we direct this passion upward through kundalini raising practices, this energy revitalizes us and expands our awareness.

If it isn’t directed upwards, it creates an imbalance of energy in the base and sacral chakras which fuel addictions – hence the global preoccupation with porn.

One does not need a partner to raise their kundalini. The practices are not sexual, they are simply energetic. They shift blocks in the major energy centers which run along the central nervous cord in our spines. When we experience blocks, we can feel frustrated and blow like a volcano in an attempt to clear the block. For more info on this phenomena do your own research but always ensure your own feelings are your guide.

For those of you who resonate with what I have shared & want to know more about my perspective on sexuality with kundalini raising teachings and practices, check out the first volume of my Sacred Union series:

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