Moon is still waxing in Scorpio, making this a fertile period – whether you channel that into your garden, making a family or creating a great work of art or craft.

Scorpio moon can be intense emotionally, so doing anything creative will help spiral your energy upwards – helping you to transcend dense emotions.

Using our hands to create art or craft also helps to still our mind so if you find your mind hard to still, this is a good way to unwind gently (without a sedative or glass of wine.)

Scorpio is a water sign so if you can sight water, listen to water or immerse yourself in this element if you feel the ire of your inner Hades rising. For a great portrayal of Hades, check out James Woods in the animation film, ‘Hercules’ – & yes, we all have an inner villain who we need to keep in check.

The way to do that is to look deep into our wounds, as it is these that drive our darker behaviors. So if you’re afraid of your dark side – take off the bandage of denial & tend to the emotional wounds of your past with loving tenderness.

You can do this by talking to a transpersonal counsellor or psychotherapist (both modalities address the soul, not just the rational mind), by journalling, doing art to express your thoughts & feelings or creating a ritual that helps you to release the past so you can move on. (This doesn’t have to include incense burners & owl feathers…the most powerful rituals are often the most simple, but imbued with great meaning.) You may write a letter & burn it, infuse a dandelion with emotion from a past event then blow the seeds to take root as lessons learned – make something up using your imagination & creativity like a child full of innocence & wonder!

Blessings on your day,


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