Moon in Scorpio

Nov 14, 2020

Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon in Scorpio 

Moon is now waning in Scorpio – so you may find a band-aid solution gets ripped off, giving you the opportunity to really address the underlying issues. This may present as a situation that is shocking but ultimately necessary if true healing is to occur.

Scorpio moon is the most emotionally intense lunar transit we experience each month for 2.5 days when the moon moves through this sign, affecting us all – especially now as we’re experiencing the dark of the moon (two weeks after full moon). This is because the dark moon evokes our shadow, as does Scorpio – giving us a double whammy.

What is the Shadow?

Carl Jung, the father of modern psychology described the shadow as the unwanted parts of ourselves we have banished from consciousness because they’re not valued by ourselves, our family, or our culture.

I love this definition. As the shadow often contains our gold – our genius, which we may have suppressed in its embryonic form if our gifts weren’t understood while growing up by those who conditioned us.

So do not fear the shadow…rather, enter & embrace the shadow by taking note of what people reflect back to you or point out about you, especially if it’s confronting & your initial reaction is to deny it.

Moon in Scorpio is when we’re most likely to be messengers for each other, helping to see the parts of ourselves we have disowned because of shame which leads us to harshly judge those traits in others.

Like the saying, ‘Better the devil you know’, the devil is simply our disowned shadow – our personal traits which have become distorted through a lack of understanding & acceptance. When we deny our own shadow in an effort to see ourselves as all ‘light & love’, we scapegoat our shadow on to others…this is how the concept of the devil began, as a mythical being people could blame rather than own & heal their own darker feelings & emotions.

When we understand this split in the psyche, we stop looking for scapegoats & start taking responsibility for ourselves.

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Blessings to your day,




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