Moon is now waxing in Scorpio, that deep watery sign that magnetizes our desires. So be careful what you focus on – for it has the power to take you down to the murky depths or elevate you like the eagle, the symbol of the enlightened Scorpio – the symbol for Spirit, one who soars above to view things from the big picture.

When this sign is unconscious, we can operate in ‘tit for tat’ dramas – those of you with kids may notice this intensifies today so not the day for a long car trip if you don’t want to be refereeing from the front seat.

Many adults still persist in this kind of behavior – one only has to watch question time in most houses of parliament or congress to see this low level of consciousness being enacted.

The shift happens when we stop focusing on who we can blame & instead look to ourselves that we learn how to be an agent of positive change rather than adding to the problem. This is the middle phase of Scorpio, the serpent who learns to spiral up the spine of awakening rather than attack others.

Hermes / Thoth / Moses all raised the serpent on the staff to become self-aware.

For a range of practices to raise your inner serpent to awaken your consciousness beyond ‘he said / she said’ check out the album I created called ‘Good Morning Chakra Workout’ which features both active & meditative ways to wake up in every sense.

Blessings on your day,


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