Moon is now moving into Scorpio – so you may notice a shift from feeling light & social over the past few days to feeling more deep & internal for the next 2 days. If you do interact with others during this time, you’re likely to by-pass small talk & go straight to what’s really going on, beneath the surface.

This is a time when we’re more likely to share the thoughts & feelings we only share with those we deeply trust. It’s a time to air our shadow, such as what we feel deep regret, self-criticism or shame about. Through this acknowledgement, we find greater self-acceptance & lighten up.

Being a water sign, Scorpio asks us to face & love what we have most rejected in ourselves – the traits we vehemently resist or judge in others, in an attempt to distance ourselves as much as possible from those traits for fear of embodying them.

So if you’ve been overly self-righteous towards someone…perhaps using this attitude to justify control or domination over them – this is a day of reckoning, a humbling invitation to focus on your own process, rather than assign yourself as the facilitator of those around you. (Note: This may be veiled as trying to help & fix others, but ultimately disempowers them & distracts us from our true purpose, which is our own healing & growth.)

Blessings on your day,


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