Moon is still in Scorpio which gives us the ability to see past what people consciously project, (the persona they want the world to see) & instead use our psychic radar to sense any underlying agenda & intent. (Easier with kids whose masks are usually obvious, unless they are highly intelligent, psychic & cunning, which can lead to emotional manipulation if parents & caregivers are not vigilant & call kids on their shadow!)

It is a great skill to be able to accurately read people, something which which moon in Scorpio gives us the opportunity to hone, since the moon governs our psychic sensibilities & Scorpio is one of the most psychic of the signs.

Like everything – this ability be either a blessing or a curse, depending on whether we use it consciously or it unconsciously uses us. Our sensitivities can easily flip into paranoia if we are not centred in the truth of our own heart’s wisdom.

If we are perceiving more from the mind than the heart, we’re more likely to react with fear to what we perceive in others. This can cause us to view everyone suspiciously, as the ‘inner sleuth’, looking for trouble in an effort to protect our acute sensitivity. This attitude can take one down a wormhole – fixating on the shadow in others by looking for the worst, rather than the best in people.

So it is important to learn to use our subtle gifts as a way of receiving overall impressions whilst remaining centred in the heart. This enables us to see someone’s light & dark aspects in a balanced way. (Only possible if this is how we see ourselves!)

We can then focus on appealing to their larger self who is based in love rather than their smaller self who runs on fear, whilst maintaining an awareness of both.

Scorpio gives us the gift of truth – which means seeing the whole picture, not just the half we want to see & claiming innocence if someone’s shadow hurts us when the signs were there all along but we chose not to see it to maintain the projection of our ideal. A hard lesson which is necessary if we are to grow up & be self-governing in all things.

Blessings on your day,

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